QUESTIONS: Who can take part in the competition?
ANSWER: Anyone. No gender limit, no sexual or political or religious identity limit, you can be a student or not. You must be over 18 years old. You might be beginner hitcher or expert of the Thumb but you must know that you can not win only with your experience. You will need some good tactics and luck.

QUESTIONS: How can I enter the race?
ANSWER: To enter the race you have to get a partner (without gender rule) and create a team with a funny name. You must register in our website, fill out all of the textboxes. Finally in the registration period you have to send the registration fee (13 EUR / team) to the given bank account, the sending message should be your team's name. This method is your registration, we are waiting for you on the start line!

QUESTIONS: I am a lone wolf, I do not have any hitcher buddy, can I enter to the race?
ANSWER: You can not enter alone but do not give up! If other lonely hitcher would enter to the race we will keep in touch and try to make couples. So instead of registration you should write to info@hungarohitch.com email address. Give us your details (as in Registration menu) and as soon as we get at least two lonely racer we are going to write you about the possibilities.

QUESTIONS: Does it cost something to take part in the competition? Why? We hitchhike for free!
ANSWER: Organizing the race and developing the website cost a lot of money and energy. We have printing and commercial costs too, and we must be thinking of the rewards of the winners. At the moment we solve it from our own savings. We are sure that the registration fee is not so much and because of the yearly races it might not be a problem for you to collect that amount.

QUESTIONS: How can you check our position? We can call our friends to take us from point to points. He has a Lamborghini, we will win!!
ANSWER: The entire idea of HungaroHitch is based on honesty and honesty alone. Fair-play is in the heart of the concept of HungaroHitch. Thus please always follow these few fair-play rules. You can know the freedom of hitchhiking. All of them we do not filter the cheaters but we do not care of them. Play fair-play game to raise aloft the HungaroHitch Cup!

QUESTIONS: Am I allowed to arrange rides in advance?
ANSWER: Read the previous point, is it exciting?

QUESTIONS: Is the winner the team who has travelled the furthest from the starting point?
ANSWER: Absolutely not. You can find any details of the point giving method of the race in the Rules menu. The basic task is finding predetermined points on the map, collecting combinations and reach the destination before the end time. So you will need good tactics to collect the most points. Read about the Rules!

QUESTIONS: Are we allowed to travel with public transportation?
ANSWER: Only in city areas. Between cities you can only use your thumb. Between cities using buses and trains are not allowed. Except river and lake ferry, you can use them every time.

QUESTIONS: What can we do in bad weather conditions?
ANSWER: The race will be held in snow, in meteorstorm or between thunderbolts too. Bring some warm clothes and a raincoat.

QUESTIONS: What should we do in serious trouble?
ANSWER: Yeah, shit happens. Own problem-solving skills + self-control + 112 + call us immediately. We can check your position in all of the time so do not be afraid. :)

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