1.1. ColdHitch 2022 hitchhiker race starts at 07:00 on the 17th of December and ends at 18:00 on the 18th December. The start will be in Budapest (Hungary). This will be the 15th HungaroHitch hitchhiker race.

1.2. You can enter the race in a double team (a team which has 2 team members), which has to collect points. The team has to collect predefined points on Earth, we will have some questions about the point, and you have to get a good answer. This is the way of collecting points. Another way to collect points is taking photos (selfies) in front of city signs. More details in the HitchBook (which is a small printed book with ALL the information you will have to know!).

1.3. The team is not allowed to split up. The members must not travel separately in two different cars. You have to stick together until the race ends. During ColdHitch teams don't have to leave Hungary. Of course, surprises may happen.

1.4. Using public transportation is only allowed inside cities. Between cities you must not use any train, bus or airplane. Except using ferry on rivers and lakes.

1.5. Hitchhiking at nighttime is FORBIDDEN. You cannot complete PHOTO checkpoints at nighttime and driver selfies will NOT be accepted. All the detailed rules will be written in the HitchBook.


1.6. Do not use your friend or a bus to take you for a ride and do not cheat! It does not make any sense. This weekend is about freedom and honesty and following this two words during the race you will have good time. Play fair to raise the HungaroHitch Cup!

1.7. Keep the Highway Code, the hitchhiker's etiquette and respect the other teams. Avoid dangerous situations, do not compromise yourselves and the drivers. Choose a safe place for hitchhiking and avoid using your thumb IN THE MIDDLE of the highway (it is illegal and very dangerous). If you meet at a good spot with another team or any other hitchiking vagabond, do not disturb their hitchhiking. You should move 10 metres further and let them leave the spot first.

1.8. If you get trapped by any serious situation, use your confidence and solve the problem or call the 112. In these situations or if you have to give up the race please call the organisers as well. You have to take responsibility for yourselves and you can not demand any compensation from the organisers.

1.9. At the endpoint we summarize your points, finally we keep an award ceremony where the winners and the teams can get the rewards.

1.10 About delay: The race ends at 18:00 on the 18th of December 2022. After that time you can arrive, but your team will be out of competition. Award ceremony is around 20:00.


2.1. You can enter ColdHitch 2022 race by creating a double team, with registering the team online.


2.2. You can not enter the race under 18. There is no gender limit, no sexual or political or religious identity limit, you can be a student or not.

2.3. The team members have to register themselves through the REGISTRATION link, which is on the main page (www.hungarohitch.com).

2.4. After the online registration an e-mail will be sent - within few days.

2.5. The registration becomes valid, if you filled out and submitted the REGISTRATION form and received the confirmation e-mail.

2.6. If you are alone, you can not enter the race but do not give up! If other lonely hitchhiker would enter to the race we will keep in touch and try to make teams. So instead of registration you should write to the info@hungarohitch.com email address. Give us your details (as in REGISTRATION menu) and as soon as we get at least two lonely racers together we are going to write you about the actual possibilities.


3.1. You can enter the race in a double team and you have to look for certain points on the road and answer some questions about it.

3.2. These points have an accurate position on the Earth, and we will give this information on the start line. The winter edition race is only INSIDE Hungary, so you will NOT have to leave the country.

3.3. You have to record the lifts, the time when you find the points, and the answers into the HitchBook which you will get on the start line. Protect your HitchBook against wet and animals, because we can summarize your points from that.

3.4. How can you get points?

a. TASK point: You will get an accurately positioned point and a question about the point. You have to find the point and answer the question correctly. Your point is valid if you find it and give a good answer.

b. PHOTO point: Your Photo point is valid, if you find the point and take a picture about the subject of the point and your team is in the same photo. Finally you have to show us your pictures.

c. COMBINATIONS: You can collect combinations which can give you some extra points if you find them. In the HitchBook they are defined. Collecting combinations is not so easy, but it gives you more points. So we advise you should have good tactics. Combinations might be (e.g.: hitchhike in 3 different Hungarian counties during the race, collect all of the points which name's start with "S"...etc..).

d. DRIVER SELFIE: All of the selfies of the driver and your team give you extra points.

...Important information: the points on the Earth have different point scale which depends on the difficulty of the accessibility. You should spend about 20 minutes to plan your weekend - read the HitchBook thoroughly!



GRAND PRIZE: The team which has collected the most points:

The Champions of ColdHitch 2022 - Golden Cup.



Hungarian Road Atlas, mobile phone (and charger), camera, markers, pen, tape measure, raincoat, water, food, tent, sleeping bag, polifoam, flashlight, cash - and a pinch of happiness. :)

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