Name: Simon Reichert
Age: 24
From: Germany, Nürnberg
Job: eLearning Designer/ Developer

What do you think about hitchhiking…?
- It is the best opportunity to get out of your filter bubble, because you never know who you will meet and what they want to talk about.

When did you start hitchhiking?
- I started with 18, when I was going to a farm WOOFing.

Do you have some tips for it?
- Don’t be shy, and do not think you know which kind of person give you a lift. Often people you don’t expect give you a lift.

How many hours long was your longest waiting time ever?
- 3 hours.

What was your coolest experience during your hitchhikings?
- I was on a Mountain with my family and then sun was going down and it was really cold, and I “saved” my family by hitchhiking back to the car, and picking them up.

What was your worst experience ever?
- Waiting and freezing, and sun going down, in the middle of nowhere.

What do you think about the drivers, who do NOT pick up hitchhikers? Are they afraid of something…?
- I think they are afraid of a lot of stuff. But mostly to get of their routine or comfort zone. That’s kind of sad because only when you leave your comfort zone you are able to learn.

How was your ColdHitch experience?
- It was super interesting to get in touch with so much Hungarian people and hear about their perspective and situation. It was cold. But also quite nice to see a bunch of the Hungarian countryside after visiting Budapest a few times.

What was the furthest place you reached by hitchhiking?
- I think it was travelling from Nuernberg (Germany) to Budapest, around 800 km in 11 hours!

What’s your message to the world?
- Stop thinking and building castles in your mind, get started. Now!

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